My name is Sophie Mayeux, I am a French choreographer who was selected by Dansmakers Amsterdam to participate to the Moving Forward project. During these two weeks, my dancer and I had the chance to be hosted by Renee and her husband Roel  in Amsterdam thanks to Young Artfund Amsterdam. I wanted to thank you very much for making possible this meeting between Renée, Roel and us. We had a very nice time at their house, Renée and Roel were really warmhearted and we felt very welcome in their house. This great conditions helped us and support us during the creation process at Dansmakers which is always a stressful period. Roel cooked for us very often, it was very lovely.

At the end of the Moving Foward evening the 12th November, Suzy Blok from Dansmakers warmly thanks the Young Art Fund but I think that all the guests from the Young Art Fund were gone. Moreover, as we didn’t spend money into housing, we could invest in the piece by buying new props for the piece Die Verwandlung.
I am now in the creation process of this piece to make a full lengh piece of one hour (now the project last 20 minutes) and I am wondering if the Young Art Fund can support me and help me to create this professional piece. Do you know what are the conditions to be helped by the Young Art Fund? If you couldn’t attend the presentation at Dansmakers the 12th November you can still see the piece the 16 January at Theater aan de Rijn in Arnhem or the 13 February at Het Huis in Utrecht.
Thanks a lot for supporting young artists,
Kind regards,
Sophie Mayeux