Workshop Fundraising

“I’m very thankful to the YAA for the possibility of learning about such important matters as fundraising is. I found nice the completely practica approach of the sessions (it wasn’t about learning theory, but about really defending our project, a real one). For me the biggest challenge was and still is the mindset shift that these sessions made me start to develop. It was great as well having a second artist in the same position, someone else to throw my opinions, questions and ideas at. I don’t think the course would work in this format with more than three “students”. To put something to be improved, perhaps the structure of the course could be laid down, at least sketched up, during the first meeting. It made total sense once we were close to the end of te 2016 sessions, but at first it seemed a bit confusing (I remember not having clear at some point whether what we were discussing concerned the elevator pitch, the case support or any other thing). But in general it has been and I hope it continues being a great support. Janneke has a great insight into the mind of the artist, the mind of the fundraiser and the mind of the funds-giver, all of that supported with all her experience working on the field. I hope I can go on with her advice, and therefore I once more thank her and the YAA for offering this great opportunity”.  Manuel J. Sanchez Garcia